I am currently a Master of Science student in Computer Engineering at University Of Bergamo and an Indie Apps Developer at Google Play. The apps I have designed, developed and distributed have been downloaded over a million times.

What i'm doing

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    Mobile apps

    Advanced development of native applications for Android.

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    UX & UI Design

    The most modern and high-quality design made at an advanced level.


My main interests concern the development of mobile applications and the vehicles automation (control systems engineering) while my hobbies concern history, in particular the period of the First and Second World Wars, the russian language, the army, the military environment and all the technologies that are related to the military environment.



  1. Independent Apps Developer @ Google Play

    2017 - Present

    I'm an Android developer with a focus on quality products by taking into account good development practices and a focus on UI and UX, while also trying to provide accessible experiences. The apps I have designed, developed and distributed have been downloaded over a million times, they are used by many people every day and they are strongly integrated with the APIs of the Android operating system.

    I collaborate with several developers in the Android community, in particular I had the opportunity to work for Projekt Development LLC, making Android even more customizable with a theme engine called Substratum. I also had the pleasure to work with Gianluca Conti on a set of skins for PowerAmp (one of the most popular music players for Android) and they're currently the most popular skins for PowerAmp, with ~ 5k paid downloads.

    Goals achieved:
    - 1.000.000+ downloads
    - 15.000+ paid downloads
    - 60.000+ daily users
    - 4.5 stars avg rating
    - 96.3% crash-free
    - Achieved and maintained for several days the first places of best-selling apps in the personalization category and in the general ranking in different markets including USA, IT, FR, DE, UK, JP (respectively in the top 10 and among the top 200)
    - Unique business knowledge, including customer service/support


  1. Master's degree, Computer Engineering @ University of Bergamo

    2021 — Present

    Industrial major: electronics, robotics & control systems

  2. Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering @ University of Bergamo

    2017 — 2021

    Industrial major: electronics & control systems

  3. Liceo Scientifico Giulio Natta

    2012 — 2017

    High school diploma


  • Programming
  • Mobile application development
  • Android (Android SDK, Framework, Studio, Testing, Design, Jetpack, Data Biding)
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • User Experience & User Interface
  • Material Design & Material You
  • Matlab


  • Italian
  • English
  • Russian


* I collaborated with the team behind this app, translating it, providing support, managing the community, improving it, growing it and finally developing specific software for this app.

What people say

  • Damien Wilde

    Damien Wilde

    Wallpaper apps on Android are fairly common but not many supported the Material You theming. Swift Walls is one such option, with a cohesive and almost “stock” level implementation wallpaper picker that wouldn’t look out of place in the Styles & wallpapers section of Android 12 on Pixel devices. A major bonus is this app even appears to adhere to Dynamic Color theming. It’s still a nice third-party wallpaper app that runs just as well as it looks. Plus, there are tons of high-quality wallpapers to choose from within.

  • Jessica L.

    Jessica L.

    It's a perfect SystemUI Tuner shortcut with some extra little information in the beginning so people know what they are doing. I used this to make the percentage show next to my battery icon and disable a bunch of other icons to make my status bar more clean, the nice thing is that it stays that way even after you delete the app. Definitely using this shortcut anytime I need to modify my status bar! 5 stars!

  • Andreea K.

    Andreea K.

    So many haters who leaves the negative comments despite knowing the fact that description is available. This theme is perfectly working fine on my phone. I didn't root my phone. I'm using it by the Andromeda client. Smooth and elegant. Your hard work really pays off.

  • Shantam S.

    Shantam S.

    Great app and a great developer. Really love the app. Always wanted to try the pro version. The dev is so humble and sweet and I always wanted to try the pro version of the app since it's launch. Been using the free version and now upgrading to pro made it a whole lot better.

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