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I'm Giorgio Cantoni

Student and Android Developer.

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Pixel Theme

Get the pixel experience and more on every device running AOSP (Android 8.0+).
Pixel Theme has the ability to change some elements of the framework and the systemUI, offering you a real palette of colors to be chosen according to your taste.


Take over control of the finest aspects of the systemUI and personalise your Android experience without limits with the official Substratum theme engine, free to use and powered by the constantly growing, community-driven collection of beautiful overlays.


Get a new look to 85+ famous apps with unique mods thanks to the reverse engineering of their resources.
🏆 Featured as one of the best substratum themes on XDA Developers, the most popular worldwide Android community.

Pixel Tuner

Get access to the systemUI tuner, an hidden menu which houses a tons of options that can make your phone nicer to use such as hiding status bar icons and more. The systemUI tuner is available on every device unless the OEM has deleted it.

Swift Walls

Quickly get everything of your wallpaper! Swift Walls offers the possibility to save and share it together with some options like applying an adjustable blur. It implements the statistic to get colors those are from the wallpaper and for plotting them in a real time graph.

Folginar Skins

Made with a friend of mine, Gianluca Conti, they completely change the look of the most famous Android music player: PowerAmp. They offer a wide customization and a wide range of choices to make the musical experience even more unique.

Technical Skills

Android Native Apps

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Material Design
  • Android Jetpack
  • Modular architecture
  • SQLite
  • Firebase


  • Matlab
  • Git