Giorgio Cantoni

Student and Android Developer

Hi there 👋

Me I'm an Android Developer and occasional UX/UI designer. I'm based in Bergamo, Italy.
My main interests concern the development of mobile applications and the control systems engineering.

Porfolio 📱

Swift Walls Android

Swift Walls A minimal, beautiful and easy-to-use advanced wallpaper app. It offers the opportunity to discover new wallpapers and apply advanced customizations to your wallpaper thanks to the image processing through which it also obtains statistical data. Finally, it offers an advanced theme engine to customize the appearance.

Pixel Theme Android

Pixel Theme An amazing customization app for obtaining the pixel experience on every device running Android 8.0+. It has the ability to change the user interface, offering you a real palette of colors to be chosen according to your taste. It's the first project I've published on Google Play and now it's downloaded by more than 300.000 people.

Substratum Android

Substratum Take over control of the finest aspects of the system UI and personalise your Android experience without limits with the Substratum, the most popular theme engine, free to use and powered by the constantly growing, community-driven collection of beautiful overlays. I was part of the PRJKT team to improve Substratum and make it more popular.

Pixel Tuner Android

Pixel Tuner A minimal and easy-to-use app to access an hidden menu in the system that houses a lot of options that can make your phone more pleasant to use such as hiding the status bar icons, enabling shortcuts and more. The systemUI tuner is available on every device unless the original equipment manufacturer has deleted it.

Victory Android

Victory Change completely and deeply the look of your phone. Get a new look to 100+ famous apps with unique mods thanks to the reverse engineering of their resources. Victory has been sold ~ 7000 times.
🏆 Featured as one of the best substratum themes on XDA Developers, the most popular worldwide Android community.