👋 Hello, world!

I am Giorgio Cantoni

Passionate and creative developer from Bergamo, Italy 🇮🇹

Giorgio Cantoni

I am years old and I'm currently a Computer Engineering (Industrial branch - electronics & control systems) student at University of Bergamo

I'm also a full stack Android developer with a focus on quality products by taking into account good development practices and a focus on UI and UX, while also trying to provide accessible experiences. The apps I have designed and developed have been downloaded over a million times including about 10k paid downloads and they are used by more than 60k people every day.

I collaborate with several developers in the Android community, in particular I had the opportunity to work for Projekt Development LLC, making Android even more customizable with a theme engine called Substratum. I also had the pleasure to work with Gianluca Conti on a set of skins for PowerAmp (one of the most popular music players for Android) and they're currently the most popular skins for PowerAmp, with ~ 5k paid downloads.

My main interests concern the development of mobile applications and the control systems engineering while my hobbies concern history, in particular the period of the First and Second World Wars, the russian language, the army, the military environment and all the technologies that are related to the military environment.

Last, but not least, you can contact me for any kind of inquiries or questions. 🤗

You can find me on

🚀 Apps

1M+ downloads 10K+ paid downloads 60K+ daily users 96.3% crash-free

📚 Books

Some of the things I like to read and that I find very interesting as they are closely related to the military environment.

Introduction to Naval Weapons Engineering

Principles of Naval Weapons Systems

Ballistics - Theory and Design of Guns and Ammunition by Donald E. Carlucci and Sidney S. Jacobson

Active Braking Control Systems Design for Vehicles by Sergio M. Savaresi

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